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Category Archives: Photography

Category Archives: Photography

Simple background setup

This is pretty simple stuff, but probably useful to some. Either if you want a simple scene to put your own Blender models in or use it as a backdrop for photography post processing. With this setup you can easily create your own background. Usage is pretty simple, just adjust the material for the background: […]

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The simple lightbox

The pen is mightier than the sword. - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Today I suddenly had an idea for a very easy light setup for macro or product shots. I was thinking about lightboxes and how to imitate one in an easy way. Building your own lightbox is not hard, but a fixed lightbox can be cumbersome to setup and need a lot of storage space. There […]

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Ray Ban Sunglass Shoot


Got some new equipment bringing me closer to an amateur studio setup 2 light stands (http://www.amazon.de/Walimex-WT-806-Lampenstativ-256-cm/dp/B000LWEA0I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348743605&sr=8-1) 1 umbrella holder (http://www.amazon.de/Manfrotto-026-Lite-Tite-Schirmneiger-Schirmhalter/dp/B000JLO6OG/ref=pd_bxgy_ph_img_b) 1 2-in-1 reflecting/shoot through umbrella (http://www.amazon.de/Walimex-Reflex-Durchlichtschirm-109-wei%C3%9F/dp/B006MQXJ4U/ref=pd_bxgy_ph_img_c) Together with two speedlights with remote triggers, this makes for a decent home studio setup. Used it today for a fictitious product shot of my sunglasses. Setup consists of […]

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Photography + Blender = FUN!

Quick post right now as I unfortunately don’t have time to break this down in detail. I played around with compositing in Blender. This means that you can – for example – add virtual objects to photographs. I made a model of this little fellow (inspired by the Danbo) and tried to add him to […]

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Been in Frankfurt for some photo shooting with my friend Tilo. We went on top of the Main Tower where there is a observation platform located above the 54th floor. It was super windy and kinda cold but it was a great view. I tried different things, panoramas and HDRs and today managed to put […]

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How to: bright flower macro

Very simple and easy setup for bright white flower macro shots. What you need: flower two speedlites white styrofoam plates Place the styrofoam plates in a L-shape and point the speedlites at them. The flower is positioned in the middle of this setup with the camera on the same height as the blossom pointing towards […]

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Something new

A lot of time passed, since I posted something here. It’s because I’m in the process of finishing up my PhD thesis which is taking a lot of time away from other (more fun) things. But every now and then I allow myself some time for recreational things like photography. Recently I saw an image […]

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Quick and not representative sharpness test with and without UV filter

Had this little argument with my friend Tilo who claimed that using a UV filter on your lens will make the images less sharp and generally be bad. So I made a little comparison shot. Left is with UV filter and right is without. Looks pretty identical to me. So if the UV filter is […]

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DIY lightbox

Ever wondered why those product shots look that much better than the pictures you take of your grand-granddad’s heirloom watch? Most probably because of the light. As we all know, lighting is everything in photography. A lightbox is a neat little gadget that helps you light stuff you want to take a picture of. Well, […]

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Interesting software for Android

Just thought this app looks pretty interesting.¬†Essentially it’s a remote control for your Canon DSLR for Android devices. It is still in beta and only a very limited selection of devices is supported (meaning only the Galaxy S2 – good I own one – and some Gingerbread tablets). The idea is acutally pretty cool though, […]

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