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Quick and not representative sharpness test with and without UV filter

Had this little argument with my friend Tilo who claimed that using a UV filter on your lens will make the images less sharp and generally be bad. So I made a little comparison shot. Left is with UV filter and right is without. Looks pretty identical to me. So if the UV filter is […]

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DIY lightbox

Ever wondered why those product shots look that much better than the pictures you take of your grand-granddad’s heirloom watch? Most probably because of the light. As we all know, lighting is everything in photography. A lightbox is a neat little gadget that helps you light stuff you want to take a picture of. Well, […]

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Blenderella or the modeling of great characters

This is my personal short review of the Blender Institute training DVD  6:  Blenderella, Character Modeling in Blender 2.5. Summary What is it all about? Obviously character modeling. More specifically the DVD focuses on polygonal quad-based modeling using the latest Blender version. There are a lot of different ways one can go about character modeling, […]

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Cool new gadget from Wacom

The Inkling is a nice piece of technology as it seems. It is essentially a set of pen and capture device where the capture device tracks the movements of the pen. You simply attach the capture device to a regular sheet of paper (up to A4) and use the pen to draw normally on it. […]

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Interesting software for Android

Just thought this app looks pretty interesting. Essentially it’s a remote control for your Canon DSLR for Android devices. It is still in beta and only a very limited selection of devices is supported (meaning only the Galaxy S2 – good I own one – and some Gingerbread tablets). The idea is acutally pretty cool though, […]

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Blender tips

Just stumbled upon this great collection of Blender tips from some of the best Blender artists. Some things I already knew, but others are really cool to know. Check them all out here!

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Flickr is good!

As you may have probably noticed, I have moved my digital photography efforts to Flickr. It’s just way more convenient to host and organize the pictures there, plus they get more exposure I found some nice plugins though for WordPress to link my Flickr account into the site. On the right you can see the […]

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Modelling training tip

For every beginner in character modeling, getting the shape is hard enough but getting a good poly flow for animation is even harder. Recently, I found a nice way to train your poly flow and getting good results at the same time. First of all you use MakeHuman to generate your training model. After adjusting […]

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Hand modeling

Sometimes, it’s just cool to have access to expensive toys! Okay, let’s start at the beginning. My colleague Rainer is working in the field of programming by demonstration and therefore uses data gloves to monitor human hand movement. Unfortunately these gloves need a very good calibration to give good results and the mapping of the […]

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Dustin Diaz shooting and Flickr

Last Friday my old colleague Tilo paid me a visit and since he’s an ambitioned hobbyist when it comes to photography (check out his Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/galllo) we decided to do a little bit of that. We decided to do a tribute to the great Dustin Diaz and recreate his night shot portrait style as best as […]

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